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Nux's Copper Mules
Sev Neijizawa
Don't microwave this

I collect mules.
My brother in culture, this mule is simple, to the point, & is so satisfying to look at that I cannot think over the sound of the 13" b0ner it gives me.

I'mma buy one of these beautiful Boyz, fill it up with Pitaya wine, or gamersupps (bc gfuel has maltodextrin & it triggered chronic hyperglycemia in me for the first time. Also, chalky residue at the bottom of the glass is the maltodiccs. No thanks), sumthun', IDK & IDC.
Stay weird, Lord Nuxanor of Arthertiforon. You too, Lady FeFe of Nobuubylon.

Nux's Copper Mules
Oddly Fishy
Found mule

I found a mule in mug. It was tasty

UwU awesome

I love the detail in the art and color of the tanned hoodie. Definitely buying another! Just feel awesome wearing it!

Good Mug

It helps mugging people (also holds fluids very well)

Love it!!

In so happy that I bought it. It's awesome.

This cup has heft

This red metal insulating mug is the perfect combination of hot drinks and tough love. It keeps your coffee hot and doubles as a set of brass knuckles for those early mornings when you need a little extra defense. Highly recommended for the multitasking individual.

Love this hoodie

My Everyday hoodie. It's thin, light yet keeps me warm. It's loose and comfortable. The print is IMMACULATE. I honestly would not want any other shirts to be printed any other way. I've washed it twice and it did not crack and kept its quality.

One Piece is Real ~ Premium Mineral-Wash Hoodie

Amazing quality

I love the feel of the hoodies. Great quality, fit great, good speed on getting them too


Got this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he loved it! Has been wearing it since.


Amazing quality. I love the design and the feel of it. One of my favorite hoodies now

Sweater review, or whatever

It's great, fits well, and is warm. Ish. Otherwise; it's a sweater lol. Whoever reads this have a great day. πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

Cool stickers

Really cool stickers, my only complaint is i thought theyd be bigger than an square inch or 2. Put one of them on my skatebord, 2 on one of my bongs, and 2 more on my phone.

Good quality, small.

The stickers seem to be of good quality, the material feels sturdy, and they stick well. I was expecting considerably larger stickers however. These seemed rather small.

Nux's Copper Mules
1st review BITCHEZ

There are probably no mules in this mug in case you were wondering.

love it

its very soft and comfy

NUX Watercolor Hoodie
Tristan Grunsell

It fits well and I love it

UwU x Skull ~ Tshirt
Gracie Ocker
UwU skull shirt

Was very happy with the shirt, nice design

My sister thinks it's cringe and I live in it.

The fine soft lining of the UwU Hoodie wraps around ones self like a warm cloud embracing you, the metiral of the outer layer is thin yet cuts the wind sheer down like a dream. Only the finest of apparel for this Billy Gang member, I only have one complaint no bath water to dip it in alas it is not for sale any were... hmmmvperhaps Fefe might have Spare Nuxtaku bath watter!!!

UwU x Skull ~ Tshirt
Vanderlei Burkett

UwU x Skull ~ Tshirt

NUX x FEFE Hoodie
Ja'Duke Cain
I love it

Best sweatshirt I ever bought

Amazing simply amazing

Intriguing Anomaly

I... I just don't know how to put this into words. Every time I put this... this "thing" on, I just become consumed in throes of ecstasy. To be honest, the first few times were amazing, but at this point I've gone through like 30 pairs of undies and its not only getting expensive, but my wife thinks I'm cheating on her... Only if she knew the truth... That I've been taken by the UwU.

So soft

Love the hoodie 😍 one piece one is next!!

UwU x Skull ~ Premium Mineral Wash Hoodie