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Yo, daddy nux merch size of daddy nux's 🍆 perfect because my pinky finger gets cold at night, I just can't fit my whole hand under my blanket because I'm a Giant (not cannon). But either way, the UwU hoodie would totally look great on my Snuffyowo lewd body pillow. I imagine it's got very good hugability. YouTube video placeholder
love daddy nux

i think i might buy "as big as daddynux's dick" just to see the size

This merch got me aids

So many guys wanted to fuck me because of this merch. This merch will get you laid. And in return, you will get aids

Iconic drip

Billy Billy Billy Billy Billy Like is so poggers like OMG!! 😱 UWU so comfy on my nipples UWU

I don't want to conquer anything.
I just think the guy with the most freedom in this whole ocean... is the Merch King!" - Luffy

Anya's bestest friend

This little pip-squeak is going to be the master of the universe someday. Mug looks dope 👌

Let's gooooooooooooooo

Can't even tell who I'm simping for more here. Good job 🔥

Instructions unclear, I'm trapped in an orphanage and all the kids are trying to take my precious merch. I now understand how Anakin felt.
And more importantly, I'm drenched - the next version better have protection against all this stupid bathwater everyone keeps running around with.

So I pre-ordered to give your mom a gift (sometimes she gets cold and I'm not a cuddler). But the second I showed her what I bought she immediately ran out of the bedroom and left to go find her new god Lord Nuxanor, the only one who can create such fine drip.

P.S. me and your dad are friends now ✌️

100% quality billy

Billy gangggg. Definitely worth it guys. Great quality, awesome fit and super comfy.

NUX x FEFE Hoodie
Tyler Gienger
Well made

One of the best Hoodies I have ever owned.

NUX x FEFE Hoodie
Joe 'The Boss' Pulaski
Superior Quality

Super comfortable, sick design, priced right.


I Love my hoodie best purchase I made in awhile.

NUX x FEFE Hoodie
David Jamieson
Great quality

The hoodie is very comfortable, great graphic designs. Kinda wish it was a zip up instead of pull over, but amazing nonetheless.

Yooo David, we're actually going to be releasing an epic drop soon with a full-zip hoodie option.

(But like bruh, why you only donating 4 stars if it's still amazing, comfortable and great graphics. Baaka.)

NUX Watercolor Hoodie
William Scott

Great quality and looks even better in person. Thank you M'lord

Husband loves it

My husband showed these shirts to me at the end of last year. He liked one with actual color, which I did as well. His birthday was coming up and he is impossible to buy for but I remember he liked these Nuk shirts. So I ordered one and while the communication needs a bit of work, it showed up on time and the quality was nice. If and when new ones come out I'm sure I'll be buying more.

Yoo Lauren, really happy to hear your husband loves the merch!

Nux says that as a thank you for choosing this as your husband's birthday gift, we want to give you your own present - email us ( the next time you place an order here for your husband, and we'll have the team add in a special product for you ✌️

stay weird,
- billy

A fantastic product

#BillyGang if someone reads this please know that this is the best article of clothing I've ever purchased for myself, I was ecstatic the day I received it and I try to wear it as much as I can

Yooo David of course we read the reviews!!! Always happy to hear about the fambase spreading the Nux love ✌️

NUX Watercolor Hoodie
Stephen Stapleton
Fantastic hoodie

Great hoodie nice and warm and a great fit


I love my billy tee it looks exactly as it does on the store and is so comfortable. One of my favorite tees absolutely worth buying!

NUX x FEFE Hoodie
Trevor Wangsgard
*In an Italian accent* Ah, very nice!

There’s no actual reason for the Italian accent, it’s just how I was said it in my mind. Anyways, the hoodie is quite nice. The design looks very clean, even after washing. I’ve only washed it twice, so I can’t say much about the longevity of the print, but it is also pretty soft and comfy. I do recommend.

NUX x FEFE Hoodie
leoneil theodore Villamor
Culturally Cultured


NUX Watercolor Hoodie
Mary Shimerdla

'Tis a comfy hoodie. I wear it all the time.

NUX x FEFE Hoodie
Jordan Flegg

Feels and looks amazing